CASPER THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD - A Warcraft3 uber-clone engine currently in the works.

Below are other past projects I have done. I have not recently had much spare time to work on these projects, but some of them have been completed, and some of them are functional enough to warrant a public preview-release. Please note that some of these games may not run on your hardware or operating system. They have not been tested to be compatible with the exception of the Slave 1 game. If you encounter any serious problems, email me a description and I will be sure to post it up on this site so that other uses don't have similar unpleasant experiences. Thanks.


Terrain Engine Demo - 2003
Slave 1: Shadow Hunters Game - 2001
Solo Asteroids - 2000
Battleship - 2000
3DPong - 2000

3DPong (download)

Before I switched to DirectDraw, I tried building my own 3d software renderer, an emulation of something like Direct3D. Using some lengthy math equations, I was able to describe planes, physical collisions between planes, and render the cube or planes in three dimensional space. The result is this pong game. Like the Solo Asteroids game, pong isn't meant for today's faster processors. I would recommend a playing speed of 1(lowest setting) until I get around to fixing that bug. This game also uses the CMU graphics library for 2D primitive drawing.

Battleship (download)

This is one of the first games I did back in high school. This uses the CMU(Carnegie Mellon University) graphics library to render to windows. It's a bit simplistic, but can be addictive if you don't mind the speed of the game. Maybe I'll make a multiplayer version when I get some free time.

Solo Asteroids (download)

This was my first DirectX game, programmed back in highschool. There's a bug with it in that if you're running a processor with > 500Mhz clock speed, this game zips through amazingly fast. I will get around to fixing that bug soon as I've decided to post the game here. Run Setup.exe first before running DX.exe.

Slave 1: Shadow Hunters Game (download)

This is a game that I made for the bobafett fanclub, I never got around to writing all the planned missions, but the game is fully functional with triggers, a few scripted missions and art content. You can view the manual at here:

Screenshots of the game can be found here:

Terrain Engine Demo (download)

The first somewhat successful engine I completed was a real-time continuous level of detail(CLOD) terrain engine. I started programming it when DirectX8.1 was still new, and pixel and vertex shaders were the major rage. In fact, they are still the rage in 3D realtime rendering. That and spherical harmonics, which can be implemented using vertex and pixel shaders. This engine is available for download, and below, you will see the screenshots that were rendered in the demo. There is nothing fancy in the texture mapping. If you notice any difference in textures between slopes of the terrain, that may be because of certain lighting conditions.

Demo: ~ 2.78 MB. Requires DX8.1 compatible card to run(vertex and pixel shader 1.1)