The purpose of this site is to showcase anything I create that other people might be interested in. This is site is meant to be an online portfolio, a live journal, a programming resource, and just a site that you can browse around easily in when you're bored. I hope to add to the site once every month or so, maybe more often than that. Enjoy!


Casper 3D Engine ( Updated 11/06/04 )

Writing ( Updated 11/06/04 )


10/09/04 - Time passes too quickly these days. It's been two months?! In any case, I am going to start posting progress code/logs/demos of my latest project: Casper. It's a 3D engine based off warcraft3. A lot of my friends have asked what kind of work I might find for them, it's a little hard to find work when you first start out. You don't have many examples that you can show. I would like to think, in terms of programming, I'm a little past that point, but I still want to do my own game design project sometime. So this engine is nearly complete, and will be used for a friend's game design. If anyone wants to help out with artwork, code or anything else, email me. My friend has shipped four games already that he designed himself, so I believe he will be able to ship this one, although this is his first time using real programming to make a game. Either way, contributing on this project can and will help your resume, as it did when I first started doing the freeware bobafett game and later, the podwars game. Take a look at the Casper Index HERE.

08/08/04 - Not sure where to put this..Don't want to re-architect the site. Some writing HERE.

08/07/04 - I lied when I said I'd update this site every month or so. Well, it's been four months, and yet only one more piece of art(some blizzard fan-art in the digital gallery section). Haven't had much time to update as I am away from home right now.

04/15/04 - A few old games have been posted in the programming section. They include: Solo Asteroids, Battleship, 3Dpong, and Slave 1: Shadow Hunter. I will post some source to these games soon. I will include all the original source, and will not modify them to be any 'neater', because as a piece of nostalgia, it serves its purpose well. No one starts out perfect, but that doesn't mean you don't try, and I want to show people what I have done in the past without tweaks or taints. If however, I start getting requests to make neater code so people can learn easier, I might do so, given free time.

04/10/04 - All scripts should be working just fine now. Debugged a lot of things, learned a whole bunch of javascript the last couple of days. I also made sure it works on Internet Explorer 6.0, Navigator 7 and the latest version of Mozilla.

04/09/04 - Fixed a lot of the pop-up scripts. Pop-ups now close when you close the original window, focus correctly, they resize dynamically depending on the image size and your screen size, and are created dynamically all through code. All I have to do is specify the picture in the link. Woot! There is one problem with scrolling in the main gallery windows, however. It seems to reset to scrollvalue of 0 everytime a pop-up gets focus.

04/08/04(daytime) - Ok, all the sections except for the graphic design gallery have been updated.

04/08/04(before dawn) - Wow, learned a bunch of html today. Alright, the set up should be flexible enough to allow easy updates now. Not all the sections are up yet. Most of the gallery section is up. Programming section still needs work.