Casper Screenshots

These screenshots show some of the basic features of the Casper engine. The first image shows a dolphin xfile being loaded. The second screenshot shows a terrain that was built and textured entirely using the engine's in-game editor. The terrain was saved and loaded back in. The third and fourth screenshots show us building the terrain. In the third screenshot, we have just textured and raised part of the terrain up. The fourth screenshot shows the terrain after lighting is calculated. Press 'L' in the in-game editor to recalculate lighting on the terrain. The fifth screenshot shows how a terrain map can be used to overlay textures with different levels of transparency onto the terrain besides just using tiled textures like the ones you see in screenshot3. The screenshots might not look like much, but they demonstrate all and more of the functionality that the warcraft3 engine has. When dealing with graphics technology it is easy to assume pretty pictures means a good engine. That is not the case. Art accounts for at least 50% of not more, of what you see. In this case, I have very bad art being showcased using a rather decent engine.



Update(11/08/04) - The eigth and ninth shot shows pathfinding AI. The grass blocks the paths of the animated cactii. Nine also shows a finalized tileset painting utility which paints tiles and their borders automatically like in starcraft. One cool thing is any tile can be combined with any other tile, unlike starcraft where certain tiles need a sub tile border. But neither system supports blending three tiles at once, and you can see the result of trying to do so in the ninth screenshot.

Update(10/20/04) - The seventh shot shows 100 animating cactii and the overdraw that comes with it, barely any! This is thanks to some fast depth sorted scenetrees. It also shows the translation tool implemented.

Update(10/14/04) - The sixth screenshot now shows several xfile models being loaded with animation, shader types, etc. There are a lot of dancing cactii in wireframe mode here and it also shows the level editor GUI for model placement, selection, terrain manipulation, texturing manipulation all done in-engine.