Graham Ehrlick, space miner and cartographer. Always keep my thoughts jotted down on microrecorder. Got one installed in my left lobe, everything I think goes to the Memory Bank for later reviewing, if I feel like it. Or if I want to write a story about my life some time. Whole thing is catalogued. Easy as pie to search for a specific thought, an incidence, a day, a second.

I gotta ease the throttle forward easy; I can't be too forceful here; I'm working with 300 tons of ore and it doesn't want to move. I'm throttling back in reverse, tugging a huge load. I reach down and toggle the third tractor beam on. From my perch inside a thinly-walled one room pilot's capsule I see a sluggish metallic blue light cough out of my ship and cling tenaciously to the load. Then I flip up the lock and the beam instantly tightens into an unbreakable connection. The ore load stables and I start moving back a little faster, eager to make the stomach-clenching journey out of the 10 mile rock tunnel I'm deep inside.. Around me, almost close enough to scratch my hull, mining-bots labor endlessly, carving in the rock and automatically lasering out any ores they find. We're running a huge iron-extracting operation here. 100,000 tons of ore a day, all collected by a hundred pilots working all over this city-sized asteroid, all running their ships deep into this motherload of an asteroid, and at least one a day dying from accidents or ignorance. But I'm too careful. I'm also too good.


What is Podwars?

Podwars is a simple space MMOG. Similar to Diablo IIin style of play and ease of use.

When is Podwars going to be released?

It depends on the amount of time to finish the last 40% of the code. Currently, 60% of the code is done. The graphics engine and gameplay engine have been tested. AI is a big concern in this game, with the probability of seeing the first real game chatterbots. No release date has yet been set.

Completed modules:

- Game Engine(including graphics, collision, particles, menu systems)
- AI script system(need to add more hard coded AI functions)
- Map script system(need to add some more triggers/actions)
- Multiplayer support(old mp engine done, needs modifications/optimization, not intergrated into new build yet)
- Sound( sound engine done, needs intergration into new build)